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PastePictures - english version

Add-in allows you to search in the selected folder, the image based on the content of table cells Excel, and inserts the found images in adjacent cells (or in the notes to these cells).
In addition, the add-in is able to download the image on the links, keeping the downloaded images in the specified folder, and paste the picture in the notes to the cells.
Features of the add:
search for images in the folder (the depth of the search to subfolders are not limited to)
installation of user-selected size to insert images
Displays the status of the search and insert images (progress bar)
the output processing results table (number of images is inserted, as found)
add hyperlinks to insert images (by clicking on the image opens the original file)
Search mode 2 files - exact match for a file name and file name for the top-image
2 insert mode images - resizing a cell, or the observance of the proportions of the original image
displaying the number of files in the selected folder
choice of column with the names of the files, and specify the number of columns to insert images
the ability to insert images into a cell comments
search for missing pictures of goods to Google (including the search for a site)
insert mode images to multiple columns